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Dogs and ghosts…



I am sooooo happy the government is not able to monitor our thoughts yet. I would most certainly be sent to the looney house in a drifty.

Want more proof? (Although I know some of you are already nodding, knowing I am missing a few screws)

Woke up this morning, and twisting and turning in bed, trying helplessly to fall asleep again, I started thinking about two posts I read yesterday.

First, Suze‘s  post about the ghost that came with the house she bought. Then, Notthedane56‘s about the dog that came with the house his sister bought years ago…  Ok, we all see the parallel here, right? Houses with an extra. The comparison could have (and should have) stopped there.

Nope! Not with this melon of mine!

I started an inner debate about which “extra” was the best, and what I’d rather get with my house, should I decide to buy one… And quite frankly, I’ll spare you the argumentation!

To come to my final point, (still half asleep at this point, give me that!) that the ghost is a rip off, because you can’t take it with you if something happens and you have to re-sell the house!

Me, Suze and Notthedane56 under the covers…. Pros and cons of getting a ghost and/or a dog with a house I’ll probably never own… Yeah! Scary movie!

I let you judge of my sanity…

Aren’t you glad you don’t know me in person??  😛




18 thoughts on “Dogs and ghosts…

  1. His house came with a DOG? I want that house! And it is a bit crowed under those covers babe cause the Dane iS married and so am I just not to each other so we’d have to add two more people to that bed! AND George hogs the covers, so now we have five people, only two with covers (gotta figure it is a guy thing so the Dane would have covers too) and we three poor freezing women would be coverless. THEN we’d have to go to work in a bar where coverless is the norm. AND I worked in a bar, not the coverless kind…altho……….nevermind we simply won’t go there. I WAS wearing a bikini there so that doesn’t count as being coverless! Where was I?

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    1. Bad news Suze! (ohhh I like how that sounds!!) Although not married, I do sleep with Chéri… ( I know, I know, living in sin, but it is such a great song!! – ok, let’s not involve Jon and the band, it’s already pretty crowded here)

      So three dudes fighting for the covers, us three ladies trying not to get a black eye, and if we’re at my place, I have a feeling Freja would try to roll herself up wherever she can find a free spot!

      Scary movie… I tell you! Ghost or not!

      Now, tell me more about that bikini bar… I’m sure I’m not the only who finds this interesting! lol

      I’d give you a puppy, but I am afraid it wouldn’t make it in the swamp, with all the crocs around!! Your bad for moving!

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      1. roflmao………….oh lordie I am so sorry I forgot Cheri! I suck as a stalker! totally stink, I should be pummelled and bludgeoned! (like how I threw the daily prompt in there?)
        Puppies are a bad choice, I prefer dogs in ghost costumes.

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      2. Yeah, well, Chéri was starting to like you… I won’t tell you forgot him 😛

        With that being said, I don’t think my bedsprings can handle all that action… How about a game of Twister instead? I have plenty of space in the living room… But I have no dog and no ghost! :/

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  2. If I am under the covers with you and Suze, I’d like some warning about that. I need to get my excuses in order with my wife, her lawyer, and my mistress, Linda. Not everyone is as broad-minded as you Canadians!

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    1. LOL I’ll try my best to send a notice to everyone involved next time! Or I’ll try to get out of bed before even starting to think about other bloggers… This morning took me by surprise too, you know? 😛


      1. Numbers. I want numbers! How many, With or without Clothing, Are blindfolds allowed – for the rest of you and not me, do we get to exchange photos before they are published on the blog?

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      2. Ok… lots of questions here 😉 Apparently there are now 6 of us… Hard to tell if you guys have clothes on, since you are hugging the covers, but Suze is wearing a bikini (if I understood well) and I am in my pjs… That leaves your wife, and I think you know her bed habits better than me (I sure hope so :P) Blindfolds are fine by me, especially if we take pictures… It will give me a chance to keep a little anonimity when this leaks on the Internet!!


    1. You’re already in Italy…. it is a great start 🙂 If you ever get that vineyard, let me know, I’ll bring cheese when I visit hihihi… Good one, of course! And lots of it!


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