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Have you seen the stars tonight?

Previously published on January 31st, this is one of the first posts making a difference in my early wannabe blogger’s life. It was inspired by, and written for a special friend…

It might not be my best writing so far… But it is one of my dearest when I look back.

And it is just natural that it is the first of my own posts, that I dust up a bit, and offer a second chance. Hoping you enjoy it… Or enjoy it again 😉





Have you seen the stars tonight? They are bright, maybe not as much as in Skagen, but they’re still pretty anyway. I don’t get tired at all you know, I could stare for hours like this.

Would you like to go up on a deck and look at them with me? I can bring some blankets, and maybe even some hot chocolate, and we can watch them forever until the sunrise steals them away one by one…

Have you seen the stars tonight? Most people have forgotten them, they seek them on their tv screen or in theaters. They don’t know how to just stop for a moment and appreciate nature’s beauty.

Would you like to go up for a stroll and keep me company? I sure could use a friendly face by my side although we don’t see much anything walking here in the dark. I’ll hum a song you can follow and you can reassure me when I think I heard a wild beast in the shadows.

Do you know, you can always meet me when things get tougher… We could go anywhere our imagination leads us. We are free to escape because it is all in our minds. Any place is a possible destination. You could think of a special handshake so we don’t get fooled by an intruder. We could be all we wish for, this is our story built on words.

Have you seen the stars tonight? Or are you already asleep? Have you seen the full moon shining?

Have you looked at all the family of stars?









7 thoughts on “Have you seen the stars tonight?

  1. Nice comments on one of my favorite songs since 1978, when I first heard it. I’m sorry, I didn’t read it before now, but then I was reminded about only thinking about myself, and not others that I care about, living far, far away. My stars are indeed your stars!


  2. Sorry about clicking on this one a few too many times today. It might just be one of my favorites from you. I hope this doesn’t clog up your view with too many flags from Denmark! I’ll try to change my wily ways…


    1. Please don’t change… Not everyone has a flock of devoted readers like you have. It just puts makes my day a little less grå when my orange “views” bar goes up… And I am glad you enjoy this one, I have the song in the back of my head since I first listened to it, “ver d’oreille” you know… Good thing it is a good tune!


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