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If you came to Montréal… (2)

I would take you for long walks in my neighbourhood… I love walking, and I think you enjoy it too… And, though my neighbourhood is far from the sexiest in town, I like it a lot.

I live in Hochelaga. It used to be one of Montréal’s poorer neighbourhoods, but it is changing over the years. We moved here, because my appartment is litterally 3 minutes of walk away from my job. It is nice, because although I live on a major street, the backstreet behind our building is filled with tall trees and flowers… As if we were in the city while standing on the front balcony, and in the country when looking from the back windows…


I like backstreets… They’re like a maze in between actual streets. When the weather is nice (like lately), backstreets are very alive, with people on their balconies… Hanging clothes to dry, chatting between neighbours, or just chilling around. There are stray cats, and sometimes a dog that meets you at the fence, reminding you not to step on its territory… Backstreets are kids-land, allowing them to play securely, and there is always a hockey net nearby, ready to be taken out to improvise a quick game, little boys pretending to be their favorite Montréal Canadian player.


Hochelaga also has its fair share of parks and places where you can stop to rest your feet, or picnic if you wish to eat out. There are activities arranged for children, and during the summer, everybody can enjoy themselves without having to travel too far from home…


Just around the corner of the street stands a firestation. During the summer, the garage doors often stay open, and you can see the stand-by firemen waiting for the next call. While walking around, it isn’t unusual to catch one of the big red trucks rushing to the origin of the emergency. I also join a standpipe picture, because they don’t usually have chains like that… I am guessing this one has been naughty!


I promise to give you a quick class to know where to park, if you decide to rent a car… Because any Montrealer will agree that it takes a university degree to understand parking signs… Those are not particularly hard to figure out, but I’ll try to find more of a challenge when I go back downtown, promise!



Here are a few other views of Hochelaga… Note the Olympic Stadium’s tower, often present in the background, since it is just a few streets away from my home. I’ll take you there someday, it is a Must!



This, we don’t use all that much anymore… So I decided to immortalize one of Canada Post mailboxes!


Colorful, right?  This last picture, I also took for color reasons… Most people won’t get it, and it doesn’t matter… But I know You will…




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