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I had the pleasure and the honor to work in joint partnership with notthedane56 lately… It was his idea, and I was flattered he would consider mixing my words to his.

Unfortunatly, it is very unlikely going to happen again, since he is considering a long break from blogging… I understand how keeping a blog can be sometimes frustrating, with days you have tons of ideas and no time to sit at the keyboard, and days when you have all your time but no inspiration… Or periods when people just don’t come to visit you, and you have a story that goes unread when you thought you had put your finger on something special….

I’ve had my share of doubts along the path. But never enough to stop writing more then 4 or 5 days straight.

At least, I had the chance to work with a great fantasy storyteller. And I keep the hope that this break is just temporary, and that I’ll be lucky enough to get another invitation to collaborate once again…

Merci, mon ami.

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