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Getting back on the horse…

I left Danish on the back burner for a while…

When I came back to Montréal, it hurt too much to listen to my Danish music, and watch my Danish movies, and open my Danish books…

But I miss it. And I want to get back on the horse, because Danish is not an easy language to master, and I don’t want to lose the vocabulary I have been building up.

It will be a lot of hard work, but it is such a fascinating language. I was thinking about my favorite Danish words (dejlig, lejlighed, åbenbart, imponerende…) and I remembered one of the examples of how although difficult to learn, Danish is logical and special…

Grandparents… in both French and English, grandparents are only declined according to gender. Grandmother and grandfather. But Danes make a difference between their two grandmoms, and granddads.

mor = mother

far = father

Your mother’s father becomes morfar (mom’s dad) and her mother mormor (mom’s mom). And your fathers parents? Same logic, farmor (dad’s mom) and farfar (dad’s dad).

I might be biased… I’ve been accused of that in the past, but I find that just dejlig (lovely)…. I’d even say Hyggelig!

Yeah, I’m definately getting back on that horse… That wild Langeland horse…


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