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This is how we do it…



Today is Canada Moving day in Québec. AKA Nightmare day if you ask me…

Yeah, we dudes and dudettes are just crazy like that. On the 1st of July, we have the tradition of moving altogether! It is not a legal requirement, but for years and years now, most people in Québec have been settling on this day to move from one home to a new one.

The origin of this tradition would go back to Nouvelle France, when the seigneurs weren’t allowed to evict peasants during the winter… Having to wait until snow had melted to kick them out or their domain. Back then, it was decided that the first of May would be the common moving day.

In 1973, the government changed this to the first of July, judging it would be easier to have all those people moving during summer instead of spring. It also allowed children to finish their school year before having to move, which just makes sense, I have to agree.

To most Quebecers, this is just natural. If you are planin on buying a house or just changing apartments, it is a given that you’ll do so on the first of July. If you want to be different and stand out, you’ll move a few days before or after, but not more than a week away from July 1st.

Some people most probably enjoy that. I don’t. I have moved so many times in my younger years that I developed some kind of moving allergy. I get agressive, and people who know me well are aware that it is not the right time to fool around with me. Luckily, 2016 is not a moving year for me… Meaning I will spend a peaceful 1st of July!

But I am sorry for the thousands of people packing up their belongings in rented trucks, and spending this otherwise great day switching homes, sometimes having to wait for the previous occupant to get out while sipping a beer or a soda in the truck, because, yeah, this moving ballet is not always perfectly synchronized. (adding to the annoyance of the process)

Today, in Québec, there will be 4 types of people;

  • People moving
  • Friends helping moving friends
  • People working (therefore having the perfect excuse not to help moving friends)
  • 2 or 3 people just enjoying Canada Day


I wouldn’t have to walk far from home to take pictures of people moving, there probably are some people doing so on my own street… But I am pretty sure I’d get a rash just looking at the brown cardboard boxes flowing in and out of houses, and I can live without that.

I have a thought for people working in pizzerias, and convenience stores, because to respect the traditions, the movers are expected to provide friends with pizza and beer at the end of the day…

Good Moving Day to those who enjoy it, and good luck to those who don’t!


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