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Beefy International Day of the Day!

Roll the drums… Today is a very special International Day of the Day!

International Jerky day!! Yay!

Beef jerky does the job for me… It is the perfect snack! Meaty, salty, making doctors crazy, therefore making me feel like I am risking my life with every bite I dare to take! It fills my belly, makes my taste buds happy and makes me save on skydiving and base-jumping … What more could I ask for?

Beef jerky love comes from my childhood. Dad used to (and still does) love beef jerky. Back then, THE brand he fancied the most was Hot Rods (see below). And when we went on car rides with him, or when we left the house for the summer vacations, he always made sure to stop in a convenience store to pack up on Hot Rods we’d nibble on along the road… Hmmm, yeah baby, hand me that Hot Rod over! Can’t get enough of your Hot Rod!!


Later on, I tried many other jerkies, some of which I liked, some other too rough or too dry, but beef jerky always tagged along as the years went by.

It is perfect for all your special occasions… Give them away to your friends in baby blue or pink wrapping to announce the sex of your newborn, instead of those stinky cigars! Make a center-piece out of them for your guests’ tables at your wedding! Tie them with a ribbon, and give them as a meaty bouquet to your loved one on Valentine’s Day! Be creative, and share the fun!

I wanted to make this day extra special… I wanted to celebrate in the most flamboyant way! I went shopping and found the perfect way to show my love for Beef Jerky. You’ve probably already seen those candy bikini things…




Guys seem to like that kind of kinky lingerie.  There had to be an equivalent for the meat lovers! And of course, there was!




Less sexy, you might say? Rougher than the other beady example? Maybe, but you don’t have to worry about your dentist finding a new cavity in one of your back teeth, after snacking on the sugar bra! And notice the little heart that I added, to make a little contrast with the rawness of my jerky-panties! Nice little touch, wouldn’t you agree?

So get home quick! I’m pretty sure you’ll get my love for jerky, as you nibble your way up my hip!

Happy Beef Jerky day!  😉

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