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Notthedane56, portrait of a master storyteller…

I can’t believe I never had the idea of writing this post before…

Then again, if it had come to my mind before, to write a portrait of Notthedane56, it would have been prior to my trip to Denmark, since I just got back. And I would never have had the time to write anything representative of my admiration for the blogger’s work during my trip.

And it is all for the better, because I had the pleasure of meeting him in person a few times during my tour around his adoptive country, which gave me the chance to get a much more interesting impression of the writer’s incredibly creative mind.

Important note! I will not be able to write a short post, I just know me too well to pretend I ever could. So if you are short in time, please skip all the blabbering, and treat yourself by clicking on the links at the very bottom of the page… I am not better judge than any of you when it comes to blogging in general, but regarding Notthedane56’s work, I think I can say that I am a connaisseur, and I prepared a selection to show the wide range of posts available on his blog.

Notthedane56, the man behind the blog;

I started following Notthedane56 in November 2015, as I was starting my own blog. I was searching for blogs to follow, using the keyword “Denmark”. It didn’t take long before we started exchanging “likes” and comments on each other’s posts, eventually leading us on getting in contact outside Blogland to exchange, and our relationship quickly moved from blog-buddies to friends... Giving me the chance to get to know the man behind the impressive number of posts he published (somewhere around 650 up to this day).

Native from California, and therefore American, Notthedane56 has been living in Denmark for the past 30 years or so (explaning his nickname). Married to a Dane and the father of two teenagers, he also has the cutest puppy, Coco, who often gets his share of attention in Notthedane56’s stories… When you discover the man’s vivid writing, it is surprising that his blogging experience started only last July.

When we first started to chat, I remember asking him what he did for a living… The answer was quick to come; “Fantasy blog writer”.  And the more I get to know him, the more I agree. If he does have a more “serious” job to pay the bills, his mind is always set on collecting any odd or interesting detail in a conversation or a situation to turn it into a story when he comes home and gets in front of the keyboard.

Notthedane56 is full of paradoxes… For one thing, even though he has a loner’s soul, he seems very comfortable around people, and he is very friendly and outgoing. He also manages to be a responsable and reasonable man and at the same time allows his inner child to do, think and say the silliest things…

The man has an endless need to learn, and his fields of interest are extremely wide (depending on his moods, he works on posts about languages, cooking, drones, traveling, life in America and/or Denmark, relationships… And many more, when he is not just letting his thoughts wander in a fantasyland of his own). He is spontaneous, passionate and has a curiosity that feeds his blog constantly.

Notthedane56 is a kind, caring and thoughtfull person, and any comment left on his blog is sure to be greeted with an original response…  Don’t take my word for it, try for yourself!!

Writing is a game he has mastered through the years without losing the flame of creation. That detail you unfortunatly will never be able to check out yourself, but I had the chance to sit in Notthedane56’s computer room, to discuss his latest work. And as soon as he starts talking about his stories, his whole face lights up, and his silver grey eyes sparkle like a child’s…

There is a great man behind all the posts in his eclectic blog. If reading his work can give the temporary impression of a silly American writing simple stories, a good look will open his universe of humorous, hard work.



Everything in and around Denmark – The blog;

Notthedane56 started blogging on July 26th 2015. In the past ten months, he has released nearly 650 posts, in a vast variety of themes, forms and styles. I would definately recommend to scroll around in Notthedane56’s universe a bit, because if some subjects might not be your cup of tea, the posts are so diverse that anybody could find something to suit their likings…

From Danish cutlery etiquette to fantasy love stories, from drone movies links to poetry, there is always a surprise coming when you dare to click on the “next” button. Very serious subjects treated with humour, silly things written very seriously, puppy pictures, touched up maps, weird selfies… You never know what you’re in for next, and it is so very refreshing!

Rule #1 when scrolling into Notthedane56’s world, don’t get fooled by the titles! I had a few discussions with him, over disapointment that some posts didn’t get a lot of attention. And even though I pointed out that the sometimes absurd, misleading to say the least titles probably would have brought in some more reads if they had been more related to the actual subject of the posts, it has become a signature of the blogger.

Rule #2; Don’t assume the first few lines of a post are representative of how the story will end up! Notthedane56 has a wild, wandering mind that might start up with his latest grocery shopping list, and end up with a crushing love story between a newly bought onion and an almost past-due pint of milk…

And I couldn’t end up this portrait without mentioning his latest long run project; “The girl next door”. The long tale of a little boy living with his strict religious mother and his semi present always-in-the-garage-fixing-broken-things father, and his adventures with the witty and playful little girl next door. Notthedane56 has over 30 chapters of the funny, fresh, touching, innocent and beautifully told story, even if only about a third of it has been published to this day. It is, to me, the high point of his writing, and I really hope you’ll give it a try, since the more interest it gets, the more chances we followers might have to get the rest of it made public!

I might seem biased since Notthedane56 is a dear friend… I can hear him laugh at that thought. And unfortunatly, I think that even he doesn’t take my compliments seriously because of that… But friendship aside, I am the #1 fan of his writing, and I hope this portrait will lead some people to make their own opinion.

Every word above is heartly felt, and I hope it will get you a few readers, my friend… Because you deserve it. And if I fail to do you honor, it is probably because my followers are not many, and my writing not comparable to yours! Sorry for my shortcomings….

I leave you all with a variety of links… but it is a pale selection of the colorful man’s world.

God rejse! (Have a good trip!)




The girl next door

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Chapter 02:

Chapter 03:

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Chapter 07:

Chapter: 08

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Chapter 11:

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Chapter 14:

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

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Chapter 19:


Cooking-related posts (or are they?):






Poetry & romance



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    1. Thank you Suze 🙂 I just like the man… And I like annoying him with my brattness. He craves attention, just not mine… LOL (shhh don’t tell him, but I am sure he enjoys having a young French Canadian stalker! Who wouldn’t, right? Mouahahahaha)


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