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Peanut butter in Denmark…

When I felt I was about to overdose after a couple of days of intense planin for my upcoming trip, a few minutes ago, I thought “why not make a random research on the Internets?”

Why a random research? Why not?

I’d rather learn something I never would have known otherwise than get up, turn around in the living room, and end up heading to the kitchen, pick up a piece of cheese, and fatten myself.

My first key word was easy… I had to go with Denmark. Ok, what else? I looked around, Denmark+tv? Na… Denmark+Perrier? Na… Denmark+scisors? Meh, maybe… Na…

Chéri has eaten his breakfast in the living room this morning, and left the peanut butter jar on the coffee table. I hadmy match! Denmark+Peanut butter! Dang yeah!

Turns out Denmark is in the top ten places in the world where it is the most difficult to find peanut butter! Now, that’s an interesting fact to know! But I was disapointed a tad… Tenth place!

What happened DK? You usually go for first place… Best restaurant in the world (Noma), home country of the happiest people (or more non-unhappy people to be more precise) in the world… And only tenth place on making it hard on foreigners craving for a peanut butter-jelly sandwich?

Disapointing. It is not as if peanut butter jars were that big, you know? It can easily be hidden behind a jelly jar on a shelf. Or it could be stored under the counter, and sold only to the daredevils crazy enough to ask for it. Or leave it on the shelves, but peel the labels off…

And right there, my thoughts decided to go another way… “label” in French, is “étiquette”. I had a flash that all words finishing by “-ette” were all feminine. Une étiquette, une bavette, une claquette… Or were they?

There had to be at least one exception… There always is. And there is; Squelette, meaning skeletton. Some compound nouns are also masculine, like “bébé-éprouvette, Casse-noisette, porte-serviette…” but simple nouns are always feminine, except “squelette”, of course!

So that one’s for you out there learning la langue de Molière! And an easy one to apply, for once!

But that doesn’t solve things for Denmark’s 10th place… I guess I’ll have to try and do something about it when I get to Kastrup!

Ok, that’s enough of a pause now… Back to Couch hunting!



2 thoughts on “Peanut butter in Denmark…

  1. In the early 90s Peanut Butter was indeed not easy to find. Today, however, Peanut Butter is rather easy to find, in Discount Grocery Stores, in Foreign Food Stores and even in the larger Grocery Stores. Ask me, I’ll point you in the right direction of one…..

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