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The importance of commas…

Un vêtement sur deux n’est pas vendu au Canada.

Title of a big enquiry that was held in Canada lately. Well, big, there are worst things to worry about, but still… So, in English; “One piece of clothing out of two, isn’t sold in Canada”.

I heard that on tv, and thought to myself that it wasn’t surprising.

We are what, between 35 and 36 million Canadian men and women? And the Internets tell me that we are 7 373 734 679 people on the planet. (I highly doubt the accuracy of that information, but if says so…)

Representing such a low percentage of world’s population, I kind of expected that we didn’t buy that much clothing. Girly girls here enjoy shopping, but even with if we gave them all Platinum Visas, I doubt we’d have such an impact on the world’s economy.

Where would we put all those dresses, pants and bras anyway? Yeah I know, Canada is a big country, but still… It just doesn’t make sense to me. But then again, a lot of things don’t, so maybe I am just in denial?

That must be it, I’ve been accused of that many times before, so maybe we, Canadians, are just clothes-crazy people. I shouldn’t base my judgement on my own closet.

Canada is a cold country. It is a fact… Maybe all our wintercoats, mittens and boots have put more weight in the balance than I would have imagined….

Oh, wait! They showed the ad again. Ok, my bad… It seem that the real title was;

One piece of clothing out of two isn’t sold, in Canada.

Sorry for wasting your time…

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