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My glass house (part 6)

The days following the apparition of the green light, Him and I spent more and more time together… I made sure not to go knocking at his door unless the light was on, inviting me to do so.

I couldn’t say for sure, because I never caught Him in action, but I was pretty sure he was cutting some of the tree branches to make sure I could always spot the green halo when it appeared. Perhaps he did so when I was sleeping, knowing we had very different sleeping schedules.

I came to visit every single of his mornings and evenings, and spent the rest of my time working on my own stuff, and paying a visit to friends and family in town whenever time made it possible. My house had become comfortable enough not to think about moving back to my former life.

One morning, something had changed again. A weathercock had been installed on top of Him’s roof. It was a bit weird, since (I noticed that it had never crossed my mind before) there was hardly just a breeze now and then in the forrest, and never wind strong enough to make the large copper rooster move.

Nevertheless, the bird swang from side to side, pushed by an invisible force. As I made my way down to the lake, my eyes on the weird new feature, a chill ran down my spine. I had a weird feeling something was wrong, but I just couldn’t figure what.

When I finally went past the big oak tree announcing Him’s place, I understood I was right. Something had gone bad, obviously. Though I couldn’t put my finger on it.


The sign couldn’t possibly be clearer.  Planted in the ground, it stood to warn anyone walking by.

Shocked to say the least, I held the painting I had brought to show Him closer to my chest, and left questionning myself what all that was about…

When I passed the oak tree again, heading home, I saw the green light turning off from the corner of my eye.



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