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International day of the day…

Today is pretty boring International day of the day-wise.

So I thought I’d get ready for good International days of the days to come. Because I sometimes get frustrated finding out about a cool one, just too late. Especially this year, knowing we are going to have to wait that extra day, 2016 being bissextile you know?

And it turned out to be quite helpful! Being somewhat busy at work lately, I have been less creative for supper recipes, and we end up eating a lot of the same things again and again. And tomorrow my friends, is International Chili Day. Which reminded me of how long it had been since I had last cooked a good chili. What a heartwarming dish, especially after the snowstorm of the century! So be prepared, I should be displaying my yummy in the tummy chilli tomorrow, just for you!

Friday is going to be Tell a Fairy Tale Day. I actually have a fairy tale story of my own. I think I’ll prepare it, and if there’s any request, or any interest, I might post it… It’s about mermaids, but not the Ariel type. And nothing to do with M. Andersen’s little mermaid either…

So get your hot chilli running on the stove, and lay back for a little Friday storytelling if you will.

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