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Ready for delivery…

Cigogneblog2A quick note today (Oh how many messages have I ever started promising I wouldn’t allow myself to get lost on my way from A to B…) because it is a very special day, and very exciting too! Tomorrow morning, my boyfriend and I are hitting the road (I have weak arms, it won’t hurt!) to go get our brand new (almost new… 9 weeks old, but the breeder didn’t let me have her straight from birth… what a selfish woman, wanting all the highest cuteness level time for herself!!) kitten!!!

Yeah, I’ll be a mommy again, and I have the hardest time thinking about anything else. It is going to be a little female silver Persian, and I already love her. I would have taken any breed of kitten for that matter, but for some weird reason, my boyfriend is strongly allergic to anything furry…. Except Persians. (?!?) How someone can be allergic to everything covered with fur except the furriest of the animal kingdom is beyond me, but I won’t complain, because Persians are beautiful and easygoing cats.

But I can hear you reader think… What the hell does it have to do with this blog? There is nothing Danish about getting an (almost) new cat…

Well my good friend, first of all, I couldn’t write about anything else today… and it does, indeed, have something to do with Denmark (Oh come on, trust me… everything in my life has a Danish twist!!)

My little fluffy-cuty-lovablest-of-them-all-kittens in the world will be named Freja!

And that, my dear reader, is totally Danish!

2 thoughts on “Ready for delivery…

  1. Hi Rowena! Sorry for taking so long to answer your message… Only 36 hours since we adopted baby Freja, and we’re already a happy family! I slept only a few hours last night because she enjoyed her new environment a little too much, but I can’t blame her… I will post some pictures soon for sure 🙂 Thanks a lot again for coming by my little weird universe!


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