If someone asked me to tell only one thing I learned from Denmark and that I especially treasure, I would have to tell that person about Mads… *Giggles* No, if I was confined to sharing only one thing about my dreamland, it would have to be the concept of “hygge”. I have been thinking about…… Continue reading Hygge

Denmark · fun facts

Fun facts!

Since I don’t always have a lot of time on my hands, and I hate to spend a few days in between posts, I thought I’d do mini-posts about fun facts I discovered along my Denmark discovery journey. My favorite fun fact is an anecdote that is a link between two of my favorite things…… Continue reading Fun facts!

Denmark · Mads Mikkelsen

Happy birthday Mads!

I am working on my first article about Danish stuff… But I had to abort my work to post this. Because today is a very special day. Today Mads Mikkelsen turned 50, and he is still as fabulous as ever, if not even more! I will get back to Mads later ( I always get…… Continue reading Happy birthday Mads!

Denmark · Learning Danish · Me myself and I

On a mission…

After watching so many movies in their original versions, and knowing that I had a lot of time ahead of me, I was now decided to learn Danish. Still recuperating from my surgery, I searched for a teacher. I searched the Web, called the best language schools, and spent weeks hoping to find a Danish…… Continue reading On a mission…


Building a bridge

Just a short note… When I check my blog’s statistics, I can see the nationality of my cyber guests…  I wanted to point out how happy I am that a little Danish flag now appears in my stats.  Danmark, jeg elsker dig!  Happy to get closer and closer to you!

Denmark · Me myself and I

Plan B

I have a problem with Edward A. Murphy Jr. and we’ve been giving each other the cold shoulder for as long as I can recall. For any two options question, I’ll inevitably choose the wrong answer. Head or tale is a lose-lose case for me every single time. The same way, if something can go…… Continue reading Plan B

Denmark · Me myself and I

And then it got worse…

After my personal Dansk Filmfestival, something in my brain just snapped and I went out of control. I was reading a lot, and watching documentaries about Denmark, and I realized that, as much as I wanted to spread my love for Danes around me, I was afraid I could spread false information. What if the…… Continue reading And then it got worse…