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Being special…

. I have a feeling I shouldn’t publish this post. Not because it’s going to be very shocking, far from it. But it might come out as some kind of a rant, which it really isn’t. It’s just a reflexion I’ve been juggling with for months now, and I feel that putting it in words…… Continue reading Being special…

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Special announcement from Trina!

. The Fabulous Trina, from It’s Good to Be Crazy Sometimes just contacted me to let me know that she doesn’t have access to her blog for the moment. She says it’s in the Happy Engineers’ hands, but I am sure she just didn’t pay her internet bill again (LOL). Jokes aside, she hasn’t been…… Continue reading Special announcement from Trina!

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I’m moving to Denmark (at long last)!!

. It’s been a while, since I really wrote about Vikingland… You might think that it means I lost any interest in my beloved Denmark, and you couldn’t be more wrong. I still love DK dearly, but I must admit that being stuck in Canada with this neverending pandemic… Thinking about my previous visits was…… Continue reading I’m moving to Denmark (at long last)!!

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Sweet… (Late January 21st FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback! Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date, years before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I…… Continue reading Sweet… (Late January 21st FFF)

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Skypy Friday!

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I hope you had a good week. Our little chat session will take place today (in a about four hours) and I can’t wait to meet with you once more! I’ll be online at 6 pm Eastern time, waiting for you…  As usual, you can come and join in on video, just…… Continue reading Skypy Friday!