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Cyranny’s quickie!



When you are away from your house, how long does it take you to get homesick?

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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. That seems like a short time to me, but it obviously depends on where you travel to… If you moved away for fun reasons, I think you wouldn’t have the same rush to get back home, Alice 🙂

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  1. It depends on why I’m away from my house. If it’s to go to work, I haven’t finished locking my front door before I’m so homesick I could spit. To go somewhere with my father, about an hour before the migraine he’s given me has gotten to the point of me wanting to click my heels together and chant “there’s no place like home.” Vacation varies. Depends on the vacation, honestly. For some, 5 days and I’m ready to return to my life. Others, I’m begging to be left behind after a whole two weeks. So, it depends on the situation and the company lol


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