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When I touch myself…



When I touch myself
Whilst thinking of you,
I forget who
These hands belong to…
Eyes closed, dear Muse
I seek your smell,
I crave your voice
I miss your silhouette!
Yet again, my imagination
Vastly suffices
To raise me slowly but surely
Closer to paradise…
These growling moans
All bear your name,
You hear them not, but
The pleasure’s the same.
And when I reach climax
There’s nothing else left…
And I wish you were there with me,
When I touch myself.

5 thoughts on “When I touch myself…

    1. Thank you Kim 🙂 I must admit, this is not my usual content, but we’re all humans, right? And I benefited from a very low view stats to publish a little something more on the spicy side. It was important to me that it stayed the tasteful, not graphic or provoking side. Again, thanks for your comment. I’m really glad this post spoke to you 🙂

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