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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you have a local restaurant that is really cheap-looking from the outside, but serves incredible food?

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5 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. In the past I reckon did. I am sure up North we went to places that looked dire on the outside, but inside were full of yummy food.

    But we have not really gone back to eating out since the Pandemic. We have been so happy to cook for guests at home and to be able to visit friends for dinner at their place. Plus, going out with Jack in public is sometimes challenging when people want to talk to him and have a selfie. It’s more fun just to dine in private than in public.


  2. There used to be one, in a dingy little building downtown that would be very easy to overlook. The food was wonderful and I used to go there once a week. But it was a one-woman operation, and eventually she burnt out from overwork (especially the late nights), and she switched to catering events instead. Sigh… I really miss that place. There’s nothing else around here even remotely like it.


  3. When I lived inLondon England there was a tiny restaurant in the laneway behind my house. The food was delicious and the husband and wife who were the owners and chefs often entertained us with great stories . But in a lane and with just a tiny sign outside it did not promise the wonderful food that could be had within.


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