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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s the most embarassing situation you remember getting caught in?

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14 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I’m actually a little bit broken and I do not get embarrassed. I can’t actually recall a single time where I felt it, so this answer will be a strange one. This is a situation that I was caught in with someone and they were so embarrassed it bordered on mortification.

    When we first started going out, my ex and I went to a large, box-store bookstore. I had done my usual insane shopping spree for books, tearing up the joint and buying everything that wasn’t nailed down. This was so early in our relationship that he hadn’t gone book shopping with me before and he found it amazing that with a single glance I could tell if I’ve ever read a book before and if I already owned it or whether I liked it when I got it from the library that one time ages ago and now felt the need to own it (he later found it’s a super power and I never buy the same book twice, even if I can’t find my copy, I know I once owned it and won’t buy it again).

    After we got all of the books checked out and dragged out to the car, we put them into the car and he was whooped. I was too, but I was still riding high after a massive shopping spree carried out in book Heaven. He didn’t want to drive yet, and it had started raining so we weren’t going to go for a walk or anything. He just wanted to close his eyes for a few minutes and wouldn’t let me drive home. He fell dead asleep in the driver’s side. I grumped and groused for a while, and ultimately, I fell completely asleep too. We woke up to banging on the windows. It was cold outside and we were warm because we were asleep – all the windows were foggy. We got out and it was two police officers. They thought we were getting frisky and one pushed him against the car and the other pulled me aside and asked if I was OK and needed help. I was half asleep and I was like “what?” and she repeated the question. I was like “I’m fine. I had to buy books. I bought A LOT of books. They’re heavy. What’s wrong with going shopping?” My ex hissed “that’s not what she’s asking about,” while the other cop sort of pulled his arm behind him more. I told him to shut up I was talking to a police officer and not to interrupt her or I’d ask ‘that guy’ to twist his arm harder. She laughed and told her partner that I was safe.The male cop asked me what we were doing in a parked car for over an hour and I said, “you never got tired before?” He looked like he was going to dive over the car and tackle me to the ground. I just smiled at him and said, “wanna do a free car search? Here, look.” I opened the trunk and he was like “omg. You let her buy all of this???” The female cop and I both looked at him and at the same time we both said “let her/me??” He realized he stepped in it big time and he immediately shut up. She told us to have a good night and stop sleeping in parking lots and dragged him back to the cruiser.

    To me, this was just a good shopping trip that ended with a wake up alarm. To him it was endlessly embarrassing and mortifying. After he whined about it a sufficient amount of time, I said “maybe next time you’ll just shut up and let me drive home.” He still can’t talk about it lol

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    1. Oh wow! What a story, Marla!!

      Isn’t it funny how two people can go through the same experience and feel so totally differently about it afterwards? Like you, I think I would have taken it like a fun anecdote to tell people… After all, you hadn’t done anything wrong. But what a wake up call!!! LOL

      It reminded me of something (slightly) similar, that happened to me, when I was about eighteen.

      I’ve always been very very emotional. And sometimes, I just feel the need to cry a good deal, sometimes with no apparent reason. Back then, I was still living at my parents’. So one evening that I just needed to vent out, I drove to this place I knew on the edge of a little cliff, overlooking the city where I lived. It wasn’t exactly a parking lot, but it was accessible by car, so I just turned the engine off and cried and cried, looking over the city.

      When I felt that I was done, and ok to go back home without my parents having a reason to ask me what was wrong, I drove away.

      What I hadn’t noticed was that a cop had seen my car on the edge of the cliff, and probably thought at the time, that people were fooling around in that car. The officer followed me for a while (I DID notice that), and eventually pulled me over.

      When I rolled down my window, he simply asked ”Are you ok Miss?” and for some reason, all the bad feelings came rushing back, and I started crying again, telling him I was fine, and that I just needed a quiet place to vent, away from my parents’ house.

      Apparently, the yard where I had parked my car was recently bought, and now a private property, But the officer was so surprised by my reaction, that he just offered help (that I didn’t need, honestly), and I was surprised that he didn’t follow me all the way home.

      To this day, this story still makes me grin. Poor guy, he really wasn’t expecting my reaction. And he obviously could tell the difference between crocodile and real tears.

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      1. What a sweet guy! He didn’t think anything bad at all… here, assuming they didn’t assume you were fooling around with someone, they would have dragged you in because you were sobbing uncontrollably, hiding from your parents, and doing it off the side of a cliff. Clearly, you need a lot of help and to be protected fromyourself. He was just a good hearted person, and even thismany years later, you think of him with a smile. That’s awesome. I’ve had some similar stories with police, but I never did get taken in because the police realzied they’d have to tranquilize me to get me to behave enough to take me in, and that if they REEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYY wanted to do this, I just needed a phone so I could let my mother know everything that I had did to get thrown into the hospital. When you look them dead in the eye and say “I am not a danger to myself. You give me a phone and let me tell my mother everything, and we’ll see if she thinks you’re right or if you’re gonna get your ass kicked” they tend to believe that you’re just fine LOL


    1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? OMG, I can only imagine the drama!

      I’m tempted to giggle, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel for the couple who’s wedding memories you recorded over. I hope it was a good show (the one you recorded)…. LOL but not LOL πŸ˜‰


  2. Many moons ago, my favorite brother got engaged to a girl that I thought was all wrong for him. One day I was complaining about her to a friend in what I thought was a private setting, only to find out that she was in the next room and heard every word I said. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

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    1. Aoutch!!! What an awkward moment it must have been.

      I can’t help but wonder if they are still together to this day? And if so, if your relationship with her improved over time?

      Regardless, I am so happy the floor didn’t swallow you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. They are still together, more than fifty years later, which shows you how good a judge of relationships I am. And my relationship with my sister-in-law did improve eventually, but it was a very long, slow process, made much worse than it needed to be by my failure to control my tongue.

        I had another experience of the same type more recently, when I vented some feelings in a private email, and someone accidentally forwarded it to a whole bunch of people for whose eyes it was definitely not intended. I was positively mortified.

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  3. Elementary School, don’t remember what grade. The class had pots with seeds and little sprouts we planted. A classmate said he had magic powder to make the sprouts grow faster. We dusted all the pots. The sprouts died within a day. Turns out the ‘Magical Powder ” was Salt, and my teacher was pissed and yelled at us!

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    1. I’ll be honest, I had to read your comment twice, because I didn’t get why you would feel embarassed about it. But I got it the second time πŸ˜› Excuse my French roots…

      I guess you’ll never again trust people without second-checking their information, next time right? πŸ˜‰


      1. It was embarrassing for the Teacher to call me out and after I explained say”And you believed him?”. I think she even asked if I was stupid. I was young, and as a Teacher, I think she handled things wrong.


  4. My first major part in my local Amateur Dramatics group. It was a murder mystery, and I played a character who was a bit of a ‘Jack the Lad’ type and always hitting on women. Towards the end of the first act, he gets lucky and goes off with one of the girls (who was played a female friend from college). In the script, we were both supposed to strip down to our underwear, but during rehearsals, the director asked, “Would I be prepared to take off my boxers and do the scene naked?” I reluctantly agreed and performed the scene, with the intent of only being seen from behind by the audience. So we went through the scene, and it got to the moment where I fully disrobed in front of her and mid-scene she broke out of character. My initial thought was that she was uncomfortable with me performing the scene completely naked with her. She looked at the director and then back at me and said, “bloody hell Sandman, you’re willy is massive… I think you should show it off.” So it was agreed that I would do full frontal nudity. One the first night, as the play started I spotted my former Secondary (High School) English Teacher in the front row! So when it came to the nude scene she had a stage side of seeing one of her pupils completely naked.


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