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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you keep in touch with your ex-partners?

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18 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. No, it didn’t. George Strait is a country singer who sang a song called “All My Exes Live in Texas.” I thought you were referencing that in your comment… I must have misunderstood.


      2. OK, so here we both are, referencing totally valid, real things, and the confusion comes in because some genius decided that two different things should only have one different letter, and still be things! Not fair! 🤣

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      3. See? Proof is in the pudding. I did a quick look at the link just to see where it would open to, and I thought you were sending me to George Strait’s webpage. And I didn’t doubt you.

        If you’re interested in what happens when you take out the “i”:


  1. Yes, we shared and continue to share children. Once we were Ex’s and there were no sex or money issues we get along well. Seems strange sometimes. My Ex makes me love my wife even more – and I tell her so over and over again and again!

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  2. So…my first ever boyfriend (we courted for ten years before I broke it off)…he seemed completely fuming with me at the time. But when I moved to London…I had what was an initially a horrific shock of realizing he lived about ten minutes from me, along with his new wife. But the situation improved. We saw each other regularly (socially) and had a lot of mutual friends. When I was ill, he was very supportive and kind. We had a handful of heart-to-hearts about the past. There were some things we just could not talk about, and they just were not worth discussing I guess. But it was not easy. I cared about him. But it was very very hard sometimes. I think especially at first. I remember being at a party just after I moved to London, and I was genuinely shocked when I realized he and his wife were there. I just did not know how I was going to cope with it.

    I did not really have someone serious in my life until Goldfinch. Although he is on the opposite side of the planet, we are regularly in contact.

    Jack…I plan on staying with forever. But I have learnt this…if it all went wrong, I need to make sure Jack and I are on speaking terms and still friends, because so much has happened, so much drama, so much trauma, so many secrets, so many disclosures – we need to stay on the same side. You cannot allow someone who knows that much about you to be an enemy. lol! Plus…he seems to know everyone. Those years the two of us were estranged – it was impossible to go anywhere without someone mentioning him.


  3. Yes. Not all of them, but the worthy few.
    I’m still friends with the guy I dated before my Ex (with a capital). We dated…. wow, about 23 years ago now.
    I’m still friends with my Ex, broken up 1.5 years now.
    I am still friendly with the guy I dated for a few months after my Ex, we broke up a few months ago.


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