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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you don’t get good customer service from a company, do you report it to them, or just don’t do business with them anymore? 

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5 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I would be very unlikely to report it….it would have to be something very serious actually. Well, I did report to a supermarket after I found lactose free milk past it’s use by date every week for months, and then finally found a carton of milk that was four months past it’s use by date. That was sort of the final straw which made me think I think someone needs to look at what is going on with date checking in that supermarket.

    But other than that, it would have to be something that had gone wrong that had compromised by security or confidentiality. I would not complain just because someone did not know the answer to my question, could not find a product, no availability etc. I think that some people are in jobs they don’t really want to be in because they have little choice, and I just don’t want to give them a hard time. I would sometimes do the opposite and give them more praise than they deserve perhaps in order to motivate and encourage them. If someone is fed up in their job, or is working with very difficult team members, or is pressured by senior managers to deliver unreasonable targets, well, I have great empathy and would not want to add to what might be a job/workplace they absolutely dread.

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  2. It depends on what it is that has gone wrong. If I feel that the superiors in the organization should know then I would report. But otherwise I would just leave it.If it was something that kept on happening then I would go to a different store or business.

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  3. It depends on the situation. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But the best ways to let them know you are not happy are 1) to never go back and 2) let everyone you know about the experience. Word of mouth can either be your best or your worst advertising.

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