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Cyranny’s quickie!



How good a swimmer are you?


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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Hahahahahaha The cannon-ball effect… Usually a thin person’s curse. As much as society hates fat, it does help a lot when it come to floating abilities 😛


      1. Very true! But once you’ve been fat and perfected it, being skinny as a rail just means you have to kick harder, but you still know what you’re doing 🤣😂


    1. That’s very cool Jeanne! As a child, I took swimming lessons until the last course that was meant to allow me to be a lifeguard. I wasn’t interested in the job, so I skipped it. But all in all, I’m very confident in water too, wether it is in a pool or in the ocean 🙂

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    1. Same thing here, Anne 🙂 I took swimming classes as a young child, and it allowed me to enjoy soaking in any type of water pool ever since. I think that every child should learn to be a (relatively) good swimmer, for safety reasons… People can drown so quickly when they are not well-trained.

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    1. Hahahahahahahaha Rock the Speedo, Lynn!! Even if you just dip your big toe in the water. You’re fabulous. Just don’t be silly and try to live up to the bathingsuit and jump in the deep part of the pool. I love you alive 😉

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      1. Lol! I actually do stuff like tai chi, qigong, and yoga in the pool, never submerging deeper than my neck. You pretty much need a swim brief as opposed to a trunk to get that range of motion, so I rock it regardless.

        Mine aren’t true Speedos (they’re actually Nike brand swim briefs), but meh, it’s one of those terms like “Jello” or “Band-aid” – the most recognized brand name becomes the generally accepted vernacular. Weird how that happens.


    1. LOL And what color is that (just kidding)? That reminds me of when I was a child and Mom didn’t want to ruin her hair. I didn’t get it. But now… I understand how that can be a concern. Just dip your toes in the pool. That’s perfectly fine 😛


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