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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you think that now in 2022, it would be possible for your government to feed your home country’s population with enough propaganda to make the majority believe it?


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10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Such an interesting question. I think for many centuries, it is clear that those with great power tried to control their public image and used information campaigns in various forms. They used to send messengers out to deliver proclamations, but they also carved a certain image of themselves to convey power in stone. Sometimes they boasted about their might and their conquests, but at the same time preserved a record of their acts which later generations would be horrified by. I find the British Museum fascinating. You see the records that Egyptian and Assyrian rulers left of their military accomplishments, at the same time, some of them show heinous acts. The stone carvings of heads hanging in trees as decorations at a royal celebration glorifying their powerful King.

    Something was very wrong. The view of war and glory, oppressing other peoples, it was terrible. We see it as offensive, it makes us wonder how their conscience allowed those terrible actions.

    Fast-forward to the 20th and 21st centuries. With the power of the media – newspapers, radio, television, the internet….now more than ever those in power were trying to control their public image. We have all seen how somebody charismatic and confident, someone who uses words to appeal to people can effectively win hearts and minds, win support and loyalty. In many countries, there is an opposition which also communicates effectively and gathers supporters. In many lands the population is divided on who they believe most, whom they trust most. Many people are a little skeptical and don’t really believe every word, even if they perhaps cast a vote for a political figure. Perhaps for many, they simply choose they feel most comfortable with.

    But in other lands, certain political figures have stamped out opposition and branded them criminals. It can be very hard in lands where there is much more “freedom of the press” and “freedom of speech” to understand how it can be that a ruler can have so much control over the narrative in their domain.

    Misinformation, propaganda, exaggerating the positive, glossing over the negative, these habits are as old as human rulerships are. There is a long record of those abusing power, and trying to gloss over it, justify it, paint it as righteous.

    When imperfect humans present themselves as saviours, as righteous, as impeccable – something always smells fishy.

    I think that the time a populace are perhaps most susceptible to propaganda is when they are suffering, when their hope is fading, when they are desperate for someone to rescue them and relive their suffering. Some dangerous rulers gained power when their populous was in desperate straights economically. Charismatic, confident leaders with revolutionary ideas had a powerful influence on others at a time people were desperate for something to believe in, for an end to their anguish.

    We are living in turbulent times…we are very well aware that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and that sometimes people like to believe what tickles their own ears and are easily persuaded by those who speak with conviction and passion. We are sometimes baffled by what others have chosen to believe….whereas they may also think we are brainwashed fools.

    There have been all sorts of volatile issues that have divided people….but soon there will be only one key issue – and it will be centred around rulership. Who can provided the real solution to mankind’s deeply distressing, deeply complex, deeply disturbing problems and issues? Things will develop quickly, there will be a lot of information, things we thought unimaginable will be ratified by those in power. We will need to keep our senses and not be swept up with powerful and widespread propaganda.


  2. Whether they’d truly in their hearts believe it, I don’t know, but go along with it outwardly, definitely, sadly, yes. I think the majority of the population would be following the government if it were using its propaganda machine effectively enough. I mean, our prime minister Mark Rutte is pretty popular despite his rather ineffective and extreme measures to combat the pandemic, and not just among so-called “lower-class” people.


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