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Hang in there, Ukraine!!



Oh my…

After almost a month-long coverage of the (useless and highly annoying) so-called Freedom Convoy keeping Ottawa under siege, I thought we’d get a little break.

You know, a couple of days of the news channels looking for merely exciting topics, like when a Montrealer got fined for feeding squirrels (by the way, that could have been Chéri and I).

But no. Mister Putin (being my polite Canadian self here) decided not to force them to investigate pointless cases.

We all saw it coming, but I think that we all thought it wouldn’t really end up happening. Personally, I thought that the Russians would try to nibble Ukraine bit by bit. I must admit that the full-blown attack took me by surprise, and I’ve been puzzled, ever since it happened.

That being, what? Just three days ago?

Yes, I’m puzzled… I do understand that as long as NATO countries aren’t being invaded, us Western countries are a little shy getting ourselves involved. But I also do recognize that Ukraine is a sovereign country, and that the Russian army trying to take it over, is really really bad.

And how ironic is it, that Polland is welcoming most of the Ukrainian refugees… When they were the first country taken over during WWII?

I might be biased, because surprisingly, I seem to have quite a lot of Ukrainian readers, but quite frankly, I’d feel the same even if it wasn’t so.

I hope Ukraine will keep fighting, and I hope we’ll help it. Mr (being overly polite again) Putin obviously just wants to get his name mentionned in future history books meant for highschool students, for ”reuniting” the late U.S.S.R.

Ukraine, I just want you to know that I am with you. And the people of Russia that weren’t asked if they agreed with this stupid war… Two thumbs up for protesting even if your country doesn’t allow you to do so (like in mine – Google ”Freedom Convoy”).

We don’t need a third World War.

Especially after two years of a worldwide pandemic.

Let’s hope this comes to an end before shit really hits the fan.

Hang in there, Ukraine!


P.S. I’ll be flattered if I get at least one Ukrainian view on this post, as you people have much more important things to deal with.

5 thoughts on “Hang in there, Ukraine!!

  1. Putin and his allies have been gaslighting the world for years it is only now that the reality is bleeding through. He is an autrocrat who is trying to turn back the clock on the modern world and return to the world of the Tsars. His worry and one that he is seeing is that the people of Russia are going to realize that his making a pariah of the west is all bullshit. Pardon my unCanadian swearing but lets call it what it is. He wants to go down in the history books as a great leader who reunified all of Russia. What he is going to go down as is a thug who bullied his way to power and had to hold it by force. No one will willingly allow him to rule so he must take by any means necessary. It is my hope that there are more who want to see the fall of his style of governing as opposed to those who want to maintain the status quo.

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