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Cyranny’s quickie!



Seen how easy it is to make anonymous (or not) accusations on the different social medias today… Do you think that the concept of justice has been impacted in our society?


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4 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I know first hand that people can spread what they may think are harmless rumours or “just a joke” on social media and they can spread like wildfire. I also know that they can cross that line and start voicing their opinions of people as if they are fact. I became a target of individuals accusing me of behaviours that would disqualify me from my public roles. What saddens me most is that I think some of my friends and colleagues were effected by them and have never been quite as warm towards me as they used to be. It is hard for me, because trying to seek all the misinformation and slanderous lies about me – it’s like trying to chase feathers in the wind.

    But I find it bizarre that in expressing their political opinions and frustrations, people can say such shocking things about individuals. There is no balance, no attempt at being reasonable, it is often very biased, inflammatory, and stirs hatred. It is scary stuff.

    I was listening to a woman talking on the phone on the bus the other day. Almost everything she said was very strong, unbalanced, and almost vile. She was clearly speaking about people she knew – I don’t know if they were relatives, neighbours, colleagues or friends – but whoever she was talking to, she was tearing the characters and reputations of those people to shreds. I thought to myself, I really hope I never become part of her circle, I think she takes pleasure in being unkind and negative about other people. Then she moved on to politics….oh my….what she did not say!

    It makes me think there are some people out there who do not know how to regulate their thinking, their opinions, their speech. There is a lack of balance, a lack of reason, a lack of trust.

    More than ever, I think it takes great effort not to be effected by the proliferation of hot air that people blow out about….often without any comprehension of what is really going on in the life of an individual, or without any idea of what is happening in the world and why. I know people might need to let out the harmful emotions within them, and talking to a close family member or friend to cope mentally with anxieties and concerns is very understandable, but seeking a public platform like social media and launching rants means that inaccurate, unbalanced, unreasonable comments are added to the wildfire that continues to spread and destroy.


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