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Cyranny’s quickie!



What is the coldest temperature you’ve ever experienced? 



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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. The temperature right now is 20 F I have seen temperatures as low as only a few degrees above 0 F. I know that makes me an amateur in the company of those of you who get them so way down below 0 F


  2. I agree with Paula. It was so cold that on the three block walk from the train station to the office, my beard and mustache had icicles hanging from them. And when I got back to the train station in the suburbs that night and started my car, I couldn’t turn the steering wheel because the power steering fluid had frozen solid.


  3. I don’t think I have faced temperatures as low as some mentioned above, but I have been in painfully cold situations. When we were in the north of Sweden in winter, it was very cold one day. Some of our group were going skiing. I had volunteered to stay in an make dinner. One of the guys had forgotten his hat, so I lent him mine. That afternoon I realized I would need some ingredients for the meal I was cooking. I walked to the shops, just a few minutes walk away, without a hat. I can’t remember exactly how cold it was, but somewhere between -15 and -20 degrees Celsius. Oh my goodness my head was in so much pain when the cold got to it.

    Another time here in England, it snowed when I was at high school. None of the school buses could get to our school, so we were allowed to leave school a couple of hours early because many of us were going to have to walk home. I remember my bare legs and thin white blouse, and a school blazer were not doing a great job of keeping me warm. But then I saw a girl a few years younger than I was. I remember my Mumma helping her Mum when I was a little girl. They always seemed like a very poor family. Mumma used to give them toys, clothes and food. This girl had no school blazer. She was just wearing a short skirt and a white blouse and little ballet shoes. She was so thin and as I was walking I realized she looked in a very bad way. So I took off my blazer and I helped her walk home. I had to keep hugging her and rubbing her hands to keep her warm. I took her back to our home because it was much closer than hers, and my Mumma made us soup and hot buttered toast. Then when my Dadda came in from work, he drove her to her house which was right on the other side of town.

    I remember that day as so astonishingly cold, but it was probably close to 0 degrees Celsius, because it does not really get as cold here as other lands. What made it feel closer is how inadequately dressed we were.


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