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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s something (or someone) that is not allowed in your house?



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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. solicitors…not the lawyer kind, the i want to sell you crap kind. Also, no religious come to save my soul people. or spiders.


  2. Until January of this year it was my uber crazy aunt. However she’s fallen off the perch (thank the stars). She had some very severe mental problems and stole things, even if someone saw her doing it. I didn’t like my attitude towards her, but how many times does someone act rotten before you scrape them off your shoe? I haven’t found anyone to replace her with, so right now? There’s nobody that fits the category unless it’s the obvious creepy person who comes around ringing old ladies’ doorbells at midnight or people like that.


  3. lol – when I first moved here I was told by my landlords, no cigarettes or strange men I had met on the internet (which I had no problem with). But after I moved in, they added, no cooking onions. I really like cooking onions….but because I am a lovely tenant, I usually wait until they go away and then go onion crazy!


  4. Bugs and rodents. I’m pretty even keeled like that. Even burglars are kind of welcome. They’ll break in, steal everything, then break back in and put it all back because it’s all crap lol

    If I’m lucky, they’ll put it back in a way that lets me be able to move it 😂


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