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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s something that used to be common, but that you doubt we’ll ever see again, when the pademic’s behind us?



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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. That’s something I already miss, and I can’t see it going back to normal. An elderly lady and her husband were wrestling with Christmas decorations in my building getting them out of storage. I asked if they needed help and she told me that they were ok, but walked up to me, perfect eye contact and put out her hand to introduce herself. She did not have a mask on (I always wear mine). I felt so bad. This little lady (maybe 5’0”) came up to me with her hand out welcoming and warm. My eyes left her face immediately and took in her hand. I even stepped back without intending to. I wouldn’t back down from a rabid dog, but these teeny old lady trying to shake my hand. It was sad.

        Gracefully, most people at this point, whether they agree with your reaction or not, will understand, take a half step back, lower their hand and keep talking as if none of that just happened. She was not one of those people. She just kept her hand outstretched, her eyes on mine, and her head slightly cocked to the side like maybe I was short circuiting. She told me she didn’t bite, promised not to kidnap me and laughed. I just told her that I don’t shake hands. She looked at me like I just told her something in a foreign language and she was waiting for me to translate. Thankfully (I can’t believe I actually just said that!) her husband got squished or something by an evil moving elf and she had to go rescue him. I jumped on the elevator and felt like I was 2 inches tall. But that’s the world we live in now. I have hand sanitizer with me at all times and my
        Mask is on a lanyard around my neck. If I am low on sanitizer, I will not shake hands because I will offer the sanitizer first and then after the shake is over. My sisters trained me. My nephew follows us all around with sanitizer too.

        That’s another thing I’ll miss – when kids hid behind mommy’s legs because they were suddenly shy when you bent down to say hello. My nephew is not shy. Someone outside the family bends down to say hello and he hides behind our legs and just says “no no no no no” over and over again. The other person assumes he’s shy. He’s digging in our pocketbooks behind our backs. We each have a pocket designated for the kid masks. He can put it on and once it’s on properly he will pop out and say hello. If they offer their hand to shake his little hand, he tells them no again and dogs around until he finds the sanitizer and squirts them and himself and makes sure they rub it in. He will then shake hands and it’s sanitizer all around again.

        One lady decided to judge me harshly because he was out with me and she assumed he was mine. She said “don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re raising him to be scared of germs?” He said “no! Marla keeps safe me!” She thought he said Mommy, which is a fair mistake and I didn’t owe her a clarification anyway. I told him thank you and he said “welcome Marla”. She said “honestly, a few germs won’t kill him!” He tugged my shirt, said “hand” and took mine. Then he said “mask or sick. Covid” and fake coughed. It was the first time he said “covid” ever. Usually he marches around calling it the “dandenic”. But he was clear that day and dragged me outside. Once we got about 10 steps from the building he announces that he deemed it safe to remove our masks lol then he sanitized us both again.

        Kids went out and played in the dirt and rough housed. Now they all stay clean because it’s “pandemic dirt” and they naturally socially distance and only play with water guns. He’s 2.5 years old.

        Simple stuff like that.


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