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Cyranny’s quickie!



You suddenly wake up next to a stranger’s dead body. Do you straight up call the police, or run away from the scene?



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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I would scream and get up quicker than I have been able to for years. I would call police but run out of the room and shut the door. I am assuming that the dead body is not my husband!


  2. Yikes! For many years I would have said that was my worst possible nightmare. I had such a phobia of anything dead. But when I actually saw people die and had to prepare their bodies before undertakers arrived – it took the phobia away.
    Still – being in bed with a stranger is odd enough – never mind a stranger who is not alive.


  3. Run, putting on gloves. Then use any public phone you can find WITH GLOVES ON to call the cops and then just keep running!!!!

    Actually, no. I would call the cops and explain that I went to sleep alone and woke up with a corpse and they really need to figure out what happened and prove it with CCTV.


  4. Call police. Unless I had a problem with alcohol and was not sure where I was or what I had been doing the night before. Then I might take a couple of minutes and then call the police.


  5. Hahaha, how did you come up with this one? 😁😆
    Definitely call the police. If someone managed to put a dead body in my bed while I was sleeping, I wouldn’t know who I would be running from.


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