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Cyranny’s quickie!



 What’s the biggest challenge you ever faced?



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10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Oooooooooh – tough question.

    The thing is…..sometimes it was not the challenge itself, but whether I was ready to deal with that challenge. I have done lots of things that were challenging, but I was able to deal with the challenge – I have seen people die, I have seen awful injuries, I have seen horrendous violence, but I kept my calm and peace and dealt with the challenge.

    But when challenges caused havoc in my own life I struggled to know what to do. I was in my late twenties, and both friends and strangers were asking me invasive questions about my relationship with a man I only had a basic acquaintance with. But then to see my name mentioned by people who were insulting me in the public domain – was hard. I didn’t know who was behind these insults, which became nastier and more malicious as time passed.

    Then there was the upset between Jack and I which seemed impossible to resolve. Stress for two years from this situation effecting work, friendships and home life. Then at the height of the distress, being attacked and assaulted and waking up on my way to hospital in an ambulance.

    But the year after that was very challenging. The emotions that surged, the trying to rebuild my life. In the north of England it was ridiculously hard to try to get a part time job after having a break from work. Eventually it was easier to return to London where it was easy to find jobs.

    But the whole situation was a long nightmare.

    I am just bewildered at the miracles that occurred to bring me back into contact with Jack after over four years of estrangement…..and, ok, I am looking at my engagement ring….the way things have worked out tell me that endurance is more valuable than I would have ever imagined.

    So challenges…..I guess they are sometimes like mountains…..but when you get to the top – wow! Pain has faded….now there is a place for love and joy to thrive….challenges may come….but I am not as worried any more.


  2. Cancer diagnosis and a 7 hour surgery to re-work and re-wire my insides and remove the tumor. The recovery was 10 days in hospital but at home it went well and 21 years later I am still here.


  3. Discovering that I have a genetic disorder that causes me to be XXY. Transitioning to the gender that I was supposed to be (female), and have a legitimate medical need to be, based on biological needs is going to become the greatest challenge of my life.


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