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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you believe in animal altruism?



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16 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I asked this question after watching a documentary about humpback whales defending other sea animals in different situations… Scientists don’t seem to want to believe in animal altruism, because it would give them a level of conscience one step closer to ours, having empathy towards other species. Personally, I am convinced that animals can be altruistic, but then again, I’m no scientist 😉


      1. Honestly, that dog was more altruistic than any person I know. The first like 10 times, OK…we’ll get help. After that, it’s sorta like “Yo man, it’s been freaking 300 times now. You think maybe you could NOT play over here? …what?…. nah. They’ll figure out where you are when you don’t get back for dinner. I mean, they’ve only had to do this every week for the last 10 years! You’ll be fine. Hey, you got boring, I’m gonna go play baseball with the other kids until dinner. See ya!”

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      2. Hahahahaha I’m surprised Lassie didn’t think about building a cover to block the well. That would have been an interesting episode, but it would have forced the writers to find different plots to make the series go on LOL


      3. Not really. Lassie would have figured out how to stop Timmy from falling in, but that doesn’t mean someone didn’t have it in for Timmy, and attempted murder would have made the show significantly more interesting. LOL

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  1. Do I believe in it? I never really thought about it like that. But I have seen some remarkable situations with animals. One scene which really stuck with me was a documentary about twenty years ago:

    It showed dolphins able to detect physical weakness in the bodies of children who had physical injuries and disabilities. The dolphins knew to be especially careful with them and they actually supported the weaker side of the body.

    It was quite amazing to watch.

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    1. I asked the question because in a documentary I watched recently, scientists were denying any animal altruism, since it would mean they cared for other species, which (according to them) would grant them a level of counciousness that only humans ”should” have. Dolphins are amazing and such intelligent creatures, and it makes me feel good to think that we might not be the only specie able to care for others… I did see a video of a humpback whale saving a human swimmer from orcas… I’m ok with sharing altruism with animals. I think proving that would be good news for all of us 🙂

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      1. Despite humans possessing some unique qualities and capabilities when it comes to our awareness and appreciation of art, spirituality, and other areas…I would never underestimate animals. I also wonder if animals would behave differently if human behaviour changed. In so many cases, humans have destroyed habitat, diminished food supplies, or hunted some species – I wonder how animals would react to us if we made decisions with not just our own welfare in mind but there’s too.

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  2. My Grandson recently came to the barn where I have my horse. He gave a small treat to a big horse that had competed in the 2016 Olympics. My Grandson held out his little hand and this big horse ever so gently took the treat off his hand. It was as if the knew he had to be so careful not to frighten or hurt the little hand of the young boy.

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    1. I noticed that about horses… They are always (if treated the right way) so delicate despite their raw power. There must a will to be gentle behind this kind of behavior, and if that’s not altruism, I don’t know what it is… Thank you for sharing your story, Anne 🙂 xx

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