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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you could name a new holiday, what would you like people to celebrate?



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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I just read a short essay by a woman who said her birthday is nothing special–it was more of an event for her mother, but her Name Day is a day for her. Although traditionally associated with saints the tradition of Name Days has, in some countries, come to encompass people and even pets. Heck, back in 2019 an English pub held a special event just for guys named Nigel.
    It’s not exactly a holiday but I like the idea of people who share a name sharing a day.

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    1. That’s an interesting one, Christopher… I knew about these Name Days, especially because mine is pretty well-known (at least, here in Québec). But I actually never gave them much of a tought. I think it would be cool to have parties based on people’s names 😉 Did you know that you have three of these days, depending of where you are in the world? Yup, May 9th, July 25th and August 21st!

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