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Cyranny’s quickie!



Has the pandemic had effects on your blogging?



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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Yes. Tis latest lockdown we could not have lessons. I usually do at least one blog post about my lessons and what my coach, who is an Olympian for Canada, is teaching me and my horse. I am glad that the easing of restrictions has allowed lessons to start again and I had one on Friday and have a post about it going up Sunday.


  2. I started getting more hits and more followers, but that might have been coincidence. I did a whole series of covid-related humor posts that got a lot of attention, and many readers thanked me for giving them something to lessen their stress and anxiety.


  3. Indeed it has. Before the Pandemic I was writing lots and lots and lots of posts and scheduling them in advance. But as soon as the Pandemic arrived, I wrote less. I had months of scheduled posts already prepared, but gradually I ended up with hardly anything left.
    Currently I have 200 drafts waiting to be finished. I sometimes have half an hour to prepare a couple of posts….but for months I have been depending on republishing some of my older posts.

    Working for both charities and the NHS has sucked up a lot of my time. I keep trying to find ways to extract myself!


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