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Cyranny’s quickie!



How happy are you with yourself? 


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15 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I am pretty good with who I am. Had I answered this a few years back I could honestly now say no. But now yes I like who I am and who I keep becoming each day. Learning more about myself and how I want to live. How I want to grow. Happy Sunday Cranny!!!!! Did I ever tell you my favorite animal is a Unicorn?

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    1. I am so glad to see how you’ve worked on your self, the past year. You seem happier and happier as time goes by, and I’m really proud of you! You are an amazing lady, and you should live a happy life, free of what burdened you in the past 🙂 Bravo, my friend 🙂 Muuuuuuah! I shall get you a unicorn, if I ever find one, hehehehehe


  2. Not all that much actually. I like ‘me’ better than I ever have before so far, but it’s still pretty lean. I was raised with a bad self-image, and I don’t think that sort of ‘programming’ is fixable.

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    1. It is sad that you were raised this way, Melanie. I can see how this would be very difficult to reverse… But I know that you are one awesome lady, and I am sure that many of our blogger-friends would agree with me! The Bloggosphere wouldn’t be the same without you in it 😉 *Big hugs*


    1. When you don’t naturally enjoy exercising, it is very difficult to make it a habit… I think that the best way not to give up is to go slowly but surely. A little at a time, you can make improvements, even if you don’t work out as intensely as you would have liked. Smaller goals are easier to achieve 🙂 *Wishing you all the best* xx

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  3. Today is a good day – sore calves after work – but inside of me has a nice warm glow from knowing that I did all I could and some extra. One day at a time. Today was a good day – we worked well as a team – there is a kind supportive spirit at work. It means that when you leave work, you feel a sense of satisfaction.


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