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Cyranny’s quickie!



Are you more of a black or white, or fifty shades of grey kind of person?


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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. I think people are programmed differently, some have only black and white perspective while others have acceptance of gray shades


  1. Wow, you’re asking some “Tuffy” type questions. On a lot of issues, I’m stone cold black and white. Things like abuse of any kind – child, spousal, bullying, you name it – don’t cross me on those subjects. I’ve been on the bad side of that.

    On other things, I might be a little more flexible. For a long time, I was against marijuana use. It just didn’t make sense why people wanted to get stoned out of their minds, all in the name of “finding some peace”. I never wanted to be in a position to lose control of any situation I was in. And, I would have to add, it was part of my early religious training – bad drugs, bad alcohol, bad cigarettes, going to hell in a handbag if you use them.

    But then, I started hearing about research into possible good uses, possible medical benefits of certain chemicals in marijuana that could be helpful. Okay, let’s see where this can lead us. If there is something there that would help someone’s life in a good manner – without just making them oblivious to it – then why not go for it? Do your research. After all, we use the poppy flower to create drugs that are helpful. Why not try marijuana? The warning I would issue is not to create something positively known to be addictive like the poppy flower’s product.

    I still don’t buy the “recreational use” of marijuana. How is smoking a joint (outside of a medical reason) recreational? Isn’t that what people were doing before we heard about possible medical breakthroughs? To me, recreational use sounds like getting stoned just for the hell of it. Count me out on that one…he writes as he puts his soapbox away. 😁


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