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Rush… (April 9th FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback!

Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date, years before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate…

So here it is!

Previously published on April 9th of 2018, here’s a little piece of romantic poetry. I hope you’ll enjoy this (again). And where ever you are, stay safe and well!

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Rush


The anticipation
building fast, come
here Love, before
never wast, tomorrow
will never come, all
there is, is lying here…
The loud pound of two
hearts, at long last
so very near, fingers
finally clutching to
shivering skin. Lips on
a mission, sharing
passions akin, I can’t
get enough of you…
Can you get enough
of me? Blood running,
my darling, I love how
you make me dizzy.
Drunk on your musky,
virile smell, leave it
all over me, leave it fast
and leave it well! Mark
your territory, claim
what is indisputably
yours… Can you hear
the pleased singing of
my yearning soul? Don’t
take your time, conquer
every curve so lush… My Love
don’t take your time…

You can visit the original post here.


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