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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one thing that was very usual when you were younger, and that has now disappeared?


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16 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Very true. Even if it didn’t disappear totally, it is very rare nowadays… I still like to send (and receive, but that doesn’t happen often) ”real” letters. I should try to write more of them, to try to make it cool again 😉

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    1. I hate to agree with you on this one. Not because I don’t want to think like you, but because the thought that respect is no longer ”natural” is sad. Let’s hope that respect will become trendy again 😉

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  1. Telephone booths. Even just the ones with no ‘booth’ but a phone in a half box… nobody needs them any more (apparently), so *poof* they’ve gone. I bet Superman is fairly cheesed off by that too! 😉

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    1. I did notice that, in the States, a couple of years back. Actually, almost 10 years back, when Chéri, my brother and I did a roadtrip to Chicago. Neither of us had a cell phone, and we wanted to book a Segway tour, but couldn’t find a phone booth. I guess that phone companies just figured everyone has a cell phone now *wink wink*


    1. I remember the 33 records… My first one was one of a song of Céline Dion when I was a kid. Did you know (I sure didn’t) that there were some 78 records in the fifties? I just learnt something. Thank you Google!!

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    1. 8 tracks tapes… My God! Mom and Dad had an 8 tracks player in the car when I was a toddler. Now it feels weird to think that all the cassettes I recorded as a teenager have gone totally obsolete aswell. Hey, I got some CDs for my birthday, and Mom also sent me a little boombox to be sure I could listen to them, and she said she had some trouble finding one. Time is going way too fast.


  2. I don’t know if these have actually disappeared, but almost all of the kids in my neighborhood had these metal roller skates that you could place over your shoes and then there was a key that you used to tighten them to secure them on your shoes or to loosen them to take them off.

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      1. This is a really good one. I remember them too. I even had a pair, as a kid, and I remember that it was almost impossible to make them roll… Then I got a pair of ”real” rollerskates, when my older cousin grew out of them. And they had blue furry covers that made me look like I had Cookie Monster’s feet! Good times 😉

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