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Cyranny’s quickie!


What’s one thing you think everyone should try at least once in their life?

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17 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Death By Chocolate (or whatever title it might be known in a person’s area) – which here is (besides an ice cream flavor) devil’s food cake, layered with chocolate mousse, whipped cream and shaved chocolate. It’s topped with fudge icing. You could go into a literal coma eating just one slice. But everyone ought to try it ONCE…

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    1. I had to look that one up on The Internets, Melanie. Whoa! That looks like one rich cake!! I’ll put it on my bucketlist, even if it will have to be a very modest slice 😛 After my gastric bypass, sweet things tend to make me really sick. But a couple of bites definately won’t kill me 😉 Thanks for sharing! xx


    1. I agree a 100% 🙂 I don’t know you think so, but I’d say that if one had to choose only one trip out of their own country, it should be a place that is different to learn from a very different culture.

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    1. Does Australia count, when you live in Canada? Because I agree that it is a feeling worth living, to be as far as possible from your home country. It is just special. With that said, I still want to go to Eastern Asia someday 😉


  2. Try a new food in a foreign country when the only answer to “what is this?” Is a very thick accented “is meat” despite there clearly being vegetables all over the plate too, and the answer being “is meat” when you hold up what looks like a carrot. And when you look at them like “clearly the question was lost in translation,” they repeat as if you’re hard of hearing “is meat! Meat!! Mmm mmm”. It’s hard not to crack up when the mmm mmm is pulled out of nowhere.

    And I’m game to eat everything that doesn’t have eyes. I don’t care if it “is meat meat mmm mmm” if it’s looking at me, you take that right back pronto and give me whatever the next picture on the menu is.


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