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Cyranny’s quickie!



Where is the line between art and not art?    


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21 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I’m pretty sure you are talking about the same thing that inspired this question… I am pretty open minded when it comes to art and its infinity of forms and styles. But, displaying an unmade bed covered with garbage, and having people call it a masterpiece is beyond me… But who am I to judge, right?

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  1. Where is the line? It’s firmly entrenched in each individual’s perception, isn’t it? What might seem like trash to me, might grace another’s walls in a position of honor. What I like won’t be what everyone else enjoys. I know first hand about this, because I am an artist. Last thing: if the ‘art’ is offensive to the eye (like blatantly offensive on purpose), I won’t look at it, I won’t judge it because I’ll deliberately never see it. What’s the point of stuff like that? Art (to me) is supposed to uplift and enhance us by sharing passion, light and bringing joy to the spirit. Making art out of human waste (for example, yes, it’s been done) seems only degrading and foul. Anathema to the purpose of art in my opinion.

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    1. I like that parallel between ”uplifting” and ”shocking” art… I think that art meant to shock can be interesting, if it is trying to teach us a lesson. But ultimately, I agree that art appreciation is a very personal thing. And like you, I just don’t pay attention to the kind of pieces that would offense me uselessly.


    1. Same here… There are types of art that I really don’t like, but understand that others can enjoy. But sometimes, I just don’t get why some people get excited. For an example, this artist that exposed her unmade bed covered with all kinds of garbage on top of it. Maybe, in some cases, the ”artists” are more creative in their way to give a meaning to something, than they are at actually creating something that speaks for itself. If that makes any sense?

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      1. That definitely makes sense. In a city I used to live in, an art shop had a sculpture of a man defecating in its windowstill. I really couldn’t appreciate that.

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    1. Ultimately, I agree too. But from time to time, I come across something that makes me wonder if I should start to collect dust bunnies to make an exhibition… 😉


    JANUARY 20, 2021 AT 12:28 AM EDIT
    I must be having a brain fart…don’t see the “When is/isn’t art, art,?” quickie. But I’ll comment anyway.

    Art is art, is not art depending on the observer. It would be the same as people saying where the the Mississippi River stops being salty. Some say it’s not salty even where it dumps into the Gulf. Others say it’s salty even at its source in Minnesota. Every human has their own opinion…some better than others. 😁

    When I tell my wife I want to do some wood carving, she tells me if my hands shake too bad while I’m doing it, we’ll just call it modern art.


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