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I love you… Goodbye!



Just butterfly memories,
Under the full moon’s sky
Do you remember when…
Do you remember why?
Two strangers whose paths
Mysteriously crossed.
A lucky strike, really
The perfect dice toss…
I am sure you felt it,
It floated in the air
This instant attraction
Both dizzying and unfair…
Did you even give it a thought?
Did you consider…
Crossing this fine line,
And maybe discover…
But before we surrendered
Under the starry night spark,
Our souls reached out,
And hugged each other in the dark.
Going against our
Very own will,
They longly embraced
As we remained, terribly still.
You pulled yours back
And mine just cooed.
Already painfully
Longing for you…
Just before you disappeared
In the darkness of the night,
My eyes softly whispered to you,
‘’I love you… Goodbye!’’

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