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After Eight Moments…




I don’t need luck,
No more,
no more…
Luck is not worth
Waiting for.
Whisper, softly
What makes
Your heart beat.
I’ll write us
A fortune cookie
Secret retreat…




If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired; Close up on a box of fortune cookies in the sunset warm light.

8 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

  1. I don’t need luck
    Well …. maybe a bit
    What I’d like is the word
    That rhymes with it
    What good is luck
    When I never win?
    I just want the feeling of
    Skin against skin
    I don’t want good fortune
    A cookie won’t do
    I’m too hungry for cookies
    I’m hungry for you

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    1. Chance brought
      Me here,
      On a hunch
      I didn’t dare to doubt.
      It might just be
      A fluke
      But I am here,
      Will you just leave me out?
      Open the door
      Darlin’, I’ve got
      Something special
      For thee…
      Open a good bottle,
      Put on your best smile
      and you
      just might get lucky!


      1. For thee
        I’d open any door
        Yet leave thee thirsty,
        Wanting more
        I have not long to live
        And not much more of me
        To give
        I am beyond my prime
        We have to hurry
        There’s no time
        Let’s pop the cork
        Let’s take a drink
        Let’s not take too much time
        To think
        Let’s not argue
        Let’s have fun
        I’ll love you
        Then I’ll owe you one


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