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Come out and play…



Kiss your way
To my heart…
I don’t care
For promises
That don’t last.
I want fairy tales,
Magic tricks, and
Pixie dust.
Wow me,
I’m yours truly
From dusk ‘till dusk.
Work your fingers
Play me
Like a Stradivarius…
Nothing else matters
It’s just about now,
Just about us.
And I care not
What others
Would dare to say…
I love you Dearest,
Won’t you come out
And play?

6 thoughts on “Come out and play…

      1. I did indeed. I must post something myself sooner or later. I’m actually in isolation at the moment, so you would think I’d have plenty of time for that – but the truth is that I am doing a lot of internal reflection about the past …. and the future


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