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Just a rest…



Can I borrow your cheek
A day,
A week?
My smile’s so tired
I’m so very
Utterly weak…
Let me rest these pouting
Lips, hungry for a break,
On your rough skin.
Let me dream, please
Tomorrow’s so far away,
Today, just give in…

5 thoughts on “Just a rest…

  1. Am I asking too much
    Just to borrow your touch?
    Might I breathe in your breath for a while?
    Will you lend me your skin
    Will you let me within
    Might you credit me once for your smile?
    Will you once make me whole?
    Let me mortgage my soul
    Let me owe. Let me know. No regret
    I will sign any loan
    Just to call you my own
    With no hope of repaying the debt


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