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Until Sunrise…



 She wasn’t a big fan of regrets… Then again, who was, really?

Oh, of course most people said they did their best not to have regrets haunting them on their death bed. But very few actually dared themselves like she did. Constantly challenging herself, she took every bet Life put on her way.

Except that evening…

When arriving after nightfall in the remote little town, she had entered the dark, nameless bar. The music from the live band had invited her in, and she had found a place at the counter, and ordered a beer to sip on, while she studied the mingling of locals on the dancefloor.

His silhouette had caught her eye almost right away. He wasn’t quite the dancer, but something in the way he swayed from one woman to another, making them swirl, and smile… There was just something profoundly good oozing from him and she had a sixth sense for that kind of things.

He was incredibly handsome, by her standards, but there was more to it than just looks. It was his charm that made almost every other man vanish in the darkness of the room. He attracted what little light there was in the bar, making him the main attraction. Sweet eye candy for the passer by she was, that night.

She forced herself to focus on the band for a while, feeling uneasy staring at him blatantly. She sipped on her beer again, thinking about ordering a second, when a deep voice had covered the ambiant music.

Another one for the lady, Frank! And I’ll take one too, please!

She didn’t need to turn around to know who had kindly decided to treat her. His shoulder had rubbed against hers as he picked his bottle from the bar, and she shivered. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that she wasn’t from the area, but he had a way to welcome her that almost made her feel home.

They chatted around a beer, and a second and a third. She felt like they were life-long friends catching up, and when her face lit up, hearing the first chords of one of her favorite songs, he grabbed her hand and dragged her on the dance floor.

She felt dizzy, her hands pressed on his chest while his arms were wrapped around her, keeping her steady. They giggled a whole lot, all through the tune, and when it started fading out, he bent to her ear.

Do you want me to take you where you’ll spend the night?

Oh how she wanted him to… But she had to keep traveling, come the next morning. And she knew that if she let him lie on her bed, he wouldn’t let her go so easily. She wouldn’t want to go either.

So she had declined the offer, without much enthusiasm. And he had let her go, like a gentleman.

But all through the night, her thoughts had wandered, imagining the sweet taste of his lips, and the feeling of his body against her hips. She twisted and turned, and never found sleep, only half-resting with the thought of him lingering in the back of her mind…

She sighed a deep sigh.

Even if year had passed, and her life had been full, she had that one regret that still lingered.  And although almost on the other end of the planet as she recalled their chance encounter, she whispered,

I’d be living a lie if I didn’t say, that night I wished for you to stay ’till sunrise….



#NovemberNotes2019 – ‘Till Sunrise by Goldroom


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




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