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Cyranny’s quickie!




What’s one thing you’d like to try, if you were absolutely sure that noone would ever know?



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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Hmmm. Not sure, actually. I pretty much tried everything I wanted to in my youth. Well, the things I would be embarrassed to have everyone know about, that is. Thank god cell phones and their ever-present cameras, weren’t around in those days. Let’s just say I won’t be running for political office. Some skeletons should remain in the closet. 😏

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  2. In the past I would have said “a battered Mars Bar”…but I ticked that off my list a while back….along with a battered Snickers.

    Hmm….now, well, perhaps publishing my Annabelle story. I would love to have a a bound copy of her story. But it would be so disheartening when it only sells three copies (my parents and younger sisters might buy it). So…I am kind of put off after reading of the disappointed expectations of so many other bloggers.


  3. This is a joke, just to be clear, I would NEVER do this, but when my grandson and I were at lunch, we were discussing impossible outrageous things we want for Christmas. I said, well I’ll take a good looking older man. He goes, done! K and I will go on tinder and bring you one. We laughed, I said no thanks, I’m not into dating sites. He said it’s not a dating site, don’t you know what it is? Dumb me said, no. It’s where you go to hookup. What? Definitely not! We were about sick with laughter.


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