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On the other side…


I love it…

This moment of grace when I close my eyes, and Life as I know it temporarely ceases to exist. This little death, separating my body and mind for a moment. Being me without being, slowly slipping beyond my counscience.

It is such a bliss, setting foot on the other side, getting stripped of all earthly things and letting shadows fall at my feet. Freed from all duties and obligations. Each time, I feel my everyday mask melt and run on my cheeks.

If only for a short while, I can be me, me whole and only me. No fear of being judged, doubted or rejected. No worry about doing anything or anyone wrong.

Floating, wrapped in sweet little nothings whispered to my ear, warm light and the softest spring breeze, I feel like I could never go back and not regret a single second to have left this heavy body behind…

Only one thing would be lacking, really. You. Every night, I find you and I circle restlessly above you hoping to pull you out of your reality. I come as close as I can, almost brushing my lips on your skin.

You smile in your sleep, and I hope it means that you are getting ready to lift up. And I wait, night after night. Maybe someday you’ll finally join me, and we’ll get lost together in the abyss, like two firefly stars on the backdrop of the pitch black sky, and they’ll find our empty bodies in the light of a newborn day.

The suits of two soulmates meant for something bigger.

Maybe… Someday.

But for now, the sun is starting to peek over the horizon, and I must go back. I feel my senses more and more clearly, already. Ready for one more day, hoping that when I come to lie down again in the evening, you’ll be waiting on the other side.


#NovemberNotes2019 – Shadows Fall by Random Forest


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




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