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At the cabin…



Why are you so nice to me?

He was back in the kitchen, preparing some coffee but she knew he could hear her.

The night before, when she had texted to say she could use some company, he had driven to her place in no time, and insisted on bringing her to the cabin for the weekend. She loved the place, and he knew it all too well.

She wiggled her toes, enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Of course, she would do exactly the same, if he needed her. But she always seemed to be the one on the receiving end, which made her a little uncomfortable. Especially this time. She had sipped on a little too much of her favorite red wine, before reaching for him.

He was the only one she had shared her recent series of mishaps with, and the only one having to endure her whining about it. She would have understood if he had ignored her. Instead of that, he had kindly taken her to his secret lair in the middle of the woods, and had tucked her in for the night.

After the much needed sleep, they had discussed all day. Well, she had talked and he had mostly listened. They had wandered in the surrounding forest, before seeking refuge by the fire. There had been much cuddling, even if there was nothing romantic between them. He was just a natural comforter, a lot better for the waistline than ice cream or chocolate.

He walked back in the living room, and handed her a mug of the hot black brew, before taking place right next to her, among the cushions they had brought near the fireplace. She let out a giggle, thinking he was definately the only man she knew who could be so sexy despite a pair of sweat pants and tousled hair…

Getting ready for her fist sip, she asked him again. He pretended to think about it, but the benevolent smile on his face led her to think he already knew the answer to her question.

I think that you believe you’re waiting for a knight in shining armor… He paused. But you don’t need to be rescued, sweetheart. You have it all in you. You are smart, passionate and strong, and I just want to be there when you’ll bloom…

He raised his mug, and winked at her.

Cheers to you, sweety!

Hadn’t he been gay, she thought, she would have married him!



#NovemberNotes2019 – Wildfire by SYML


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring 




7 thoughts on “At the cabin…

  1. She rang me and she said she was lonely. That she needed company. Maybe a shoulder to cry on. And so I said, yeah. Of course. Why don’t we go to the cabin? No one’s there. But there’s like, three bedrooms. It’s been snowing. I can light the fire. And open a bottle of wine.
    She said, wow. Thank you. You’re such an old friend. Such a good friend.
    And I thought, I can be better than that.
    And so we sat together and watched the embers glowing. I opened a second bottle of wine and we laughed about that day at school when we had set off the fire alarm as a prank and we had run away together and hidden in the closet. And there I had felt her breast brushing against my arm.
    And she cried when she remembered the day that we sat together at my grandmother’s funeral, neither of us understanding what it meant.
    And I wondered, just at that moment, if things could be any better.
    Even if she knew that I wasn’t gay.

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