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Cyranny’s quickie!




What’s a first name that fits well for an adult, but would sound weird for a newborn? (or the other way around)




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18 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. OMG, yes… excellent example, Rob!! Sometimes, when someone tells me their name, I just automatically imagine their parents holding them for the first time at the hospital, and agreeing on THAT name… LOL


  1. When my niece was born, they named her Jennifer. My sibling was adamant about not calling her “Jenny”. OF COURSE she was called Jenny, and her younger brother, Andrew, was called Andy (once or twice), but he’s Andrew and she’s still Jenny. Maybe shortened names like Billy or Bobby are a bit juvenile, while William and Robert sound more adult.

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    1. Great examples!! It’s funny, after posting my Quickie, I remembered a friend I had when I was a kid, that one day asked her mom at what age she would get her grown up first name… It seems like even children notice that some names sound better for younger people, and others for adults 😛


    1. Or worse… Horatio AND Mildred! Mouahahahaha. Mildred could always get the nickname “Milly” but I can’t find a cute one for Horatio… “Ho”? “Hory”? “Rara”? 😛

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    1. Oh and Irwell. Or Boris…that’s not a baby’s name is it.
      What else? Rita. Maud. Vera.

      The other way round….erm, I think it would be strange if an adult was named Benjy. I think Benjy is a little one’s name…or even a dog’s name.


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