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My hummingbird…



Let me ride on
Your lovely whistling,
Every note blows
Softly beneath my wings…
My heart longs, yearns
It so burns,
It aches for you,
My hummingbird!
Sing for me,
Lull me to sleep…
I want to wake to
The sound, so sweet
That lifts me up
So very inspiring,
Oh! Hummingbird
I think I’m falling…
Don’t ever let me
Hit the ground,
Sing, ‘cause when you do
I can’t feel down!
Love me through
Your songs,
Love me all
Night long…
Oh dearest hummingbird,
Make my day, and
Tell me you’ll never ever
Go away!

8 thoughts on “My hummingbird…

  1. Whenever anyone mentions a hummingbird my thoughts turn to one of my great heroes …..

    “The worst is not death but being blind, blind to the fact that everything about life is in the nature of the miraculous. The language of society is conformity; the language of the creative individual is freedom. Life will continue to be a hell as long as people who make up the world shut their eyes to reality.”
    ― Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird


  2. Let me bore you with another ….

    “Every day the choice is presented to us, in a thousand different ways, to live up to the spirit which is in us or to deny it. Whenever we talk about right and wrong we are turning the light of scrutiny upon our neighbors instead of upon ourselves. We judge in order not to be judged. We uphold the law, because it is easier than to defy it. We are all lawbreakers, all criminals, all murderers, at heart. It is not our business to get after the murderers, but to get after the murderer which exists in each and every one of us. And I mean by murder the supreme kind which consists in murdering the spirit.”
    ― Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird


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