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Meeting you… Again.



She sat in the park, by herself, as usual.

The madness of the city roared nearby, but in this special little spot by the canal, she always felt at peace. And that’s all she needed, peace.

She sat in silence, watching both locals and foreigners passing her by. She wasn’t what you’d call messy, but not being too worried about her looks, often people mistook her for a homeless middle aged woman. Everyday she had to kindly refuse money, mainly from tourists, intrigued that she spent all day just sitting there. She didn’t get offended, ever. On the opposite, she was amazed with strangers’ generosity.

The ducks also knew her. Probably better than anyone in town. She felt a bit guilty about forgetting the bag of bread crumbles, that was still sitting on the table, at home. They didn’t count on her, but she enjoyed feeding them. Her feathery friends never asked questions. Unlike people, who tended to worry even if she kept telling them she was fine.

Enjoying time slowly passing by, she briefly peeked at her watch. It was almost time to go back home. Almost. She hesitated to stand up just yet.

She didn’t really believe in karma, but when she spotted the silhouette in the crowd, she smiled. It had been years…

He walked and sat to her side, on the park bench.

It’s nice to meet you, again.

Suddenly, she regretted not making more efforts to look her best. Looking at him again, all groomed up, she bowed down and stared at her feet.

I told you I’d wait here…

He clumsily reached for her hand. Bending down to kiss her fingers softly, he smiled to her.

I am back, Dearest…

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